update peeps!

well well,its been a while! 

i have been in hospital! that was fun, well not really but i met some really interseting people.you would be surprised what you can learn in hospitals.it was deffo a life changing experience,between doped up intervals of painkiller trips and being poked by drips and needles,i really did some soul searching. i also found out that i have every side effect that comes along wih strong painkillers! 

while i ws there,i realized who and what was important,i also realized how much i want to follow through with my illustration revolution. you will be seeing alot of change so watch this space. i hope that through my work,i can show how i have grown as a person, and how gratefull i am to still be here

thanx to all to those who cared,and thanx to all of those who didn’t atleast now i know you are not worth my time.

another note,i know i’ve mentioned it a million times before.but here it is again for the world to see:

WITHOUT MY FAMILY I’D BE NOWHERE! i want the whole world o know what an amazing nan and grandpa i have,they have been there for me through out it all,i LOVE YOU NAN!! she is the most inspiring person,i will ever meet.i LOVE YOU GIDDO(grandad). i hope people round the world will read this some day and realize that ,they should treat their family better.

oh and for all those f^%$£@s who have hurt my fiancees feelings and called him names. he was there in the hospital,by my side, the whole time with my mum,if it wasn;t for them and my amazing uncle,i wouldn’t be here right now. I hope to dedicate a pice of art to my uncle for really taking care of me in hospital.

SO …thank you ,all of you who were there and who weren’t

rant over.

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