white rabbit rendition!

so since this a new beginning and all and i am a graduate,a designer and innovator,and basically moving on with my life! i thought id open the airways with a little homage to white rabbit i wrote,and here we go the begging of a new and improved blog!!!

one friend makes you smaller ,and the other makes you laugh,
but the one that matters most,helps you edit what comes out your mouth,
but the one that matters most,is there when it counts.
go ask urself,when you’ve hit the ground.

and if you go chasing your dreams,and your “friends” no your going to fall,
tell them ur true best friend,has lifted you up tall,
call ur bff,when ur at the mall!

when the man and the industry, get all worked up and tell you ur not good,
and you’re down beaten and trodden,and depressed,and filled with no good,
go ask your friends,they’ll pull you through

when your logic and ur reason,have gone and messed up ur head,
and ur boss is being a prick and the docs got you off your meds!
remember what your best friend said,
friends for life,with you even in your head!

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