my picks of colour loving goodness from 2012 fall fashion weeks!

Hey my little munchkins,i know theres only like 5 of you follwing me at the moment but still i love you all! anyways back to my point,which was…oh yeah! fashion week,its almost over,and i know,i know in the big scheme of things like egypts revolution and famine,and everything,WHO CARES! now as a designer i really shouldn’t have said that but i mean we do need to indulge ourselves every now and then,and I know most designers like myself who haven’t been lucky enough to get to fashion week yet,all gaze at the magical images,and dream,and get occasionally miffed that we thought of the design like ten years ago but we are too broke to have our own show!

phew anyway,here,we go. I have trowled the shows(not in person,in spirit) to bring you all the awsome bursts of fun and colour,this post will concentrate on fall 2012/13 fashion shows from around the globe,that caught my eye.BECAUSE THY ACTUALLY HAD SOME BLOODY COLOUR IN! i know its missing some key collections you might think like gucci,and prada,but this is my take and i hope you enjoy it.also,want to say that none of the images below are mine i got them from

i heart this entire collection! apart from the use of lips,check out the images below,just 'cause i'm jealouse i did it first!

i heart this entire collection! check out the best of the best below!


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