this is ridonkulouse! check out this if you are a woman! or anyone!

نائبة إخوانية تطالب بإلغاء قانون التحرش الجنسي وتلقي بالمسئولية على المرأة

now i know this article is in arabic,but if you are of a foreign language,then pleaseee for the love all things feminine,translate this mother!

i mean some seriouse shite has been going down in enchanted land of the pyramids,and yes i am not very intune with most of it,sice i am unfortunately not there,and THERE IS SOOO mush drama,MANY PEOPLE CLAIMING THEY ARE RIGHT! to be honest I have lost count of who is “the one” for the “perfect” idealistic presidrncy that we dream of,and who is the evil villain,i mean they all start off preching flowers and roses,then all of a sudden…BOOM,they have all some how morphed into mr hyde! now i dunno who you are supporting if anyone,i mean theres barad3y,whom i have lost track of whether he is an agent of evil or hes a good guy or merely a brain on puppet strings. and now there’s abu el futuh who seems like a genuine stand up citizen and looks like an all round caring dude!then of course there are…dum DUM daaaaaa, the islamic brotherhood and salafiyen,and all,now Here is the article that proves why anyone who supports this alien woman should NOT BE IN POWER OF A HOOVER LET ALONE A PARILIMENT!! i mean they should gag the woman,i dunno maybe we have unjustly judged her,maybe she is a man in disguise,or her children are being held hostage and she is being forced to say these bizarre sexist things,or maybe she is possesed by the spirit of evil dictators and sultans past! either way if i see her in the street id gladly pnch or admit her to a mental institution,

it starts here my fellow egyptians,first its this monstosity,then its the restriction of you tube! then its the mandatory uniform for women,a black sack,then its the banning of razors….then who knows maybe they’ll just ban life all together!

anyway,my conclusion to this matter is: i don’t like whats happening,i would like to change it,and i hate this bitch!

نائبة إخوانية تطالب بإلغاء قانون التحرش الجنسي وتلقي بالمسئولية على المرأة.




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