i got my fabric samples!

so ,i got my samples of my fabic of the awsome : http://www.spoonflower.com/welcome

check it out its fabricliciouse!! so i’ll be posting some pics of it really soon and what i have made with my fab farics. but the main thing that got me writing this post,is that wierd dread and adrenaline filled feeling you get when u r 27. You know i am a movie geek,i mean i love films and tv and anything that picks you u and drops you in that surreal plain of what if you could be there and do that. do u ever wander how actors and singer and designers got to where they are. i mean some say they sold their soul to the devil,some say its pure dedication and an ocd focus,and some say it was a fatefull,lucky decision they made,and they made it.

anyway ,if your life could take scenes out of any movie,what would they be? who would you be and why? maybe if you really think about this seriousely you will get some insight into your life,maybe you will figure out your goals and finally realize you can get there!

so instead of moping about the shit i have in my life,and feeling guilty about the amazing people that i hav that i dont always deserve,i am gong to get through it all and i am going to write my own shitty romcom,or geeky marvel comic flick,and i will rise up and make it!

who gives a crap if i am 27,i’ve still got alot of fight left in me,and i realy want 2012 to be the year that i see a little bit more of light coming off my star,i wanna make my hubby proud,and i want to make myself proud.

i really hope i get some comments fom you guys,and you can share your dreams,and film scenes with me.

love you munchkins!!!xxxx

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