my interview on daily news egypt!

my interview on daily nes egypt!

so i finally got an interview published! These past few months,or years even have been an ordeal with huge cascading shooting bursts of light that could brighten the darkest night,they keep me going.things like seeing my hubby everyday,my wedding,being alive,getting recognized as a designer,seeing my late grandad smile and to hear him call my name,so i know that even though hed forgotten everyone he always remembered me. there have been times when everything closed in and suffocated any sign of hope or speck of this week and there have been days when i wanted to give up and stop creating and willing things better.then come these intense super novas,these sparks that bring me back from the brink,in the form of people,students,my nephews smile and saying he misses me,my grandad telling me a story,and now the memory of his awsomeness,the simple thank yous nd oohs and ahhhs when people see a piece i did.this tiny spark is an interview,a short interview that i thanks for sharing it with me.

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