eh,,,why the heck not!

soooo peeps!

long time no speak and all.i must say i am getting very annoyed at this blog! i type type type and then delte,delete,you get it. so nothing major to post. apart from a great idea. No not one of those “nada,you crazy gurl,its 2 am and you on about them all in one skirt/pant/tees again?” this is a great idea that if I had the money I would start myself. so I have been looking for THE ultimate job/career. Well lets be harsh,i have been looking for anything in design,or that is even remotely creative. But lets say im an idealist,i am after all the definition of a neurotic eternal opptimist! so I have been looking for my ideal career which is:

1) would involove working for the daily show,or jhon stewart and the daily shows crew in some capacity and saturday night live.literally i want to be on that writing table!

2) styling and designing bespoke clothing for Nicki minaj,Khloe Kardashian,kanye west and Beyonce as well as being the art director and stylist for any photoshoot involving red hot chillie peppers,green day,mumford and sons and the foo fighters,so basically working for NME mag too

3) hustlin’ my designs to high end boutiques and rich folk and making a killin’

4) finally going to work somewhere like mad men,and finding that the cast of the mindy project and new girl work with me in this made up design heaven.oh and finally working preferably for someone like betsey johnson.

so thats my ideal job,its design mixed with a hell of alot of funnt people and some I was typing all these ridonkulous descriptions into job sites and search engines,things like “job+snookie+stylist” ect and shock shock horror my dream job dosent exist outside the made up world of comedy central!

so heres my grand idea,why isnt there a site,where we post the job we want,we post how amazing we are as creative people and then companies have o apply to hire us! so my ad would go something like this:

“female designer,creative,innovator,has designed in anything from maternity wear to menswear,bla bla bla,point is im a creative being and i am kick ass at what i do,so heres what i want,i’m over grovelling on applications and begging you people for a job,my designs were good enough to steal,the their good enough to buy,so here are my job demands:

1)work space must be filled with quirky figures and comic book parphinillia,as wel as bg bang dvd sets.

2) team must never prance around like they have jumped out of americas next top model,and should eat atleast once a day and always smile,no photoshoot pouting!

3) no annoyin,fake,back stabbing employees around,only workplaces with fun loving great family teams need apply

4) must appriciate new,fresh ideas and methods

5)must understand that if based in london they must pay double the salary just so peeps can avoid being homeless! also health insurance is a plus

6) must have a great atmostphere for brainstorming,allow career potential to be reached,provide a kick ass mac and a bunch of annual courses as well as,a team building employees and spouse retreat every year.

7)must let me go to atleast one of the international fashion weeks and introduce me to one famouse person that i can make wear my gear!

see not that much to ask is it,whos in ? lets make a “why should i work for you ?” website,bout time we gave our selves some worth and got head hunted,if this exists by the way id love to be informed so i can pitch my ideal job on there

anyway back to designing,gigi’s salones new sign and tees!

till next time my friends,sorry bout spelling but dont have time to correct.



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