About moi!

Hey there!! where do I start! I am a human,I was born in the wrong era and if I could do it all again I would take my husband,friends and family back to woodstock in the 60’s with me! Unfortunately i can not time travel,so I will just have to spread my message of peace, love and rock and roll in our present time.anyway,here are some facts about me: I am a fashion designer. I am an illustrator. and i am an innovator. I want to change the world,in a good way. I will be a launching my second collection in Egypt,summer 2012! and i have an awsome t shirt line,i love fashion,style and life,and i am happily married,i get my inspiration from my life,friends and experiences! I am looking forward to adding some flavor to the world!


  • become a world wide phenomenon!
  • design for Niki minaj,kim kardashian,missy elliot,zoey deschannel,and more!
  • own my own studio and boutique!
  • put n a solo fashion show.

oh and one more thing! my contact details: nadasami333@gmail.com


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