eh,,,why the heck not!

soooo peeps! long time no speak and all.i must say i am getting very annoyed at this blog! i type type type and then delte,delete,you get it. so nothing major to post. apart from a great idea. No not one of those “nada,you crazy gurl,its 2 am and you on about them all in one […]

my interview on daily news egypt!

my interview on daily nes egypt! so i finally got an interview published! These past few months,or years even have been an ordeal with huge cascading shooting bursts of light that could brighten the darkest night,they keep me going.things like seeing my hubby everyday,my wedding,being alive,getting recognized as a designer,seeing my late grandad smile and […]

i got my fabric samples!

so ,i got my samples of my fabic of the awsome : check it out its fabricliciouse!! so i’ll be posting some pics of it really soon and what i have made with my fab farics. but the main thing that got me writing this post,is that wierd dread and adrenaline filled feeling you get […]

Meet the real-life Disney princesses! Cartoon stars come to life in uncanny photo shoot | Mail Online

Meet the real-life Disney princesses! Cartoon stars come to life in uncanny photo shoot | Mail Online. i heart this!!! i love it,i mean come on who dosen’t adore disney charecters and some of them are kinda hot! like jessica rabbit,BUT BUT BUT, YES I KNOW.. i always have somethingto say,don’t you think mr ryan […]

hey all you veiled chicas! fashion flash!

so my fashion monkeys! yes i know i have been a bit absentee but i have been working like a maniac on my new collection,and guess what? this year,all of my designs will have a twin suitable for the more modest or veiled chick!! just cuz u got a scarf on don’t mean you have […]

this is ridonkulouse! check out this if you are a woman! or anyone!

نائبة إخوانية تطالب بإلغاء قانون التحرش الجنسي وتلقي بالمسئولية على المرأة now i know this article is in arabic,but if you are of a foreign language,then pleaseee for the love all things feminine,translate this mother! i mean some seriouse shite has been going down in enchanted land of the pyramids,and yes i am not very […]

Watch “George Clooney and dad Nick address crowd before being handcuffed” on YouTube awsome! The man is not only hot,a mega star,serial monogomist and frugal,but now he’s getting arrested for the right reasons,unlike many other self involved celebs that get arrested for stupidity,but good old Clooney helpping the cause! I wish more celebs would use their influence Luke him.and his awsome dad!!!

NOT a fashion post

so this is more of a rant to be honest with you,i i would love all ur not to feel sorry for myself,but ever since i only got to the final 50 for rihannas show,i haven’t been feeling my self,i dunno,i feel like theres a little less hope than usual.ok so over that bit! […]

Part 2:fashion week,was…bla

Hi my fave fashion munchkins! so here we are the end of the trip that was fall fashion week or weeks,now i did think i was saving the best for last,but unfortunately the rest of Paris fashion week was,,,well disappointing! I know ,how dare I,say disappointing about titants of fashion like good ‘ol Karl lagerfield,channel […]