narratives!! you see. they see. we see. i see

I kept going with the maps project and decided to really try and make a difference.I really wanted to develop a few ad’s in order to create awareness about sweatshops and child labour.We need to be more alert to where our clothes are coming from!

i have embarked on a journey, to hopefully be an amazing fashion photographer.well one can dream. i have mixed my fashion design and illustration skills in order to hopefully come up with some kick ass fashion pics!

i have not got to the shooting part as of yet but i have been draping,pattern making,cutting and sewing all the garments. i have been practicing make up and hair and i can not wait to take these fashion shots!! yay!!!

i hope u enjoy my progress.

hello! i have finally finished sewing,draping,patternmaking and photography! phew!, after deciding to just deal with the human rights side of things,i changed my mind as usual,i decided to take a wider view of fashion and fame.

the final project was named: YOU SEE,THEY SEE,I SEE,WE SEE.

i felt that people should open their eyes more. i felt that different points of view and what different people in different places see. how people see the same image. what is really going on? for example i wanted people to really see the fashion industry for what it is.thats why i included statistics and comments about model frug abuse,child labour and the fact that the idustry supports war ridden countries.

SO i want you to put yourself in a child workers position,or in an iraqi womans position.and then look again a t a fashion editorial spread. you see the designer shoots in marie claire and vogue to them are the devils work,or resemble a lost childhood,drug lords and torture. NOW what do you see?

that was the aim of my project to get people to see the darker naritive,to see things in a new light,maybe that way cultural misunderstandings can be avoided.what an audience sees,is not what the person sees. as i try to portray in the case of the 5o’s glam hollywood starlet. what fans and the world sees is a happy glam gal with the world beneath her feet. what she sees is an empty life that is lonely and cold.not worh living.she reaches for her escape,drugs.

so now you get the picture,i hope you can enjoy my work,below i have included the finished images,and in the photography section some of the actual photos are posted.

please enjoy! here is the poem i wrote to accompany my piece.

look at me! look at me!

what do you see,I am fat ,no i’m too thin,black

white, I’M UGLY

Look at you! look at you!

i see a beauty saddened with self doubt,

a porcelain face crushed, SCREAM OUT!


we can’t see them scurrying behind the scenes,

we catch a glimpse, death of children, war and diseaese

where the hell have you been


but you don’t see, you stupid fools of fashion. you ridiculouse vanity lovers.

tell me , how many lines doese it take to get 5 jobs booked?


note: i have designed,cut and sewn all the outfits for the show apart from the suspenders and one corset which i customized.

before i show you the final images, I would like to mention some of the books, artists and sites that i used for my research. Once i got the idea of using fashion photography as my media , i did some research, by looking at some of  the top photographers that inspired me. also i decided to self teach myself,using 2 amazing books.

after researching the method and up and coming trends,i decided to start picking locations, a model and a certain branch of the fashion world.

Finding a model was really difficult,but i got lucky,my cousin was back in town fo a brief period of time.thanx o her the project was saved! i owe her alot! i had prevousely picked a branch which is my fave,haute cotoure . i gave some of the clothes a runway avant gard look. the fabrics i used were not cheap and were picked with conviction. they are all in some way in fashion or in upcoming trends,either in style, colour or actual texture of the fabric.

after dealing with these details i started shooting with my new sony dslr camera which is a dream to use.then i brought it all together on photo shop and did what i could to get the message across!


please check out some of these sites they are  informational and interesting,they helped me out a great deal!

(the above link is an interview with a dear friend of mine who is an amazing designer and person,please check out his website.)

some of the books i used:

the advanced fashion photography course-edward seigle

pro digital fashion photography-bruce smith

a great help to me were magazines like vogue, marie-claire, bazaar and wwd daily which i have subscribed to since i was a fashion design student in the states.

another great source,was my own experience as a fashion designer and long phone calls with my designer friends all around the world.

here are the final creations! click on image below:







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