eh,,,why the heck not!

soooo peeps! long time no speak and all.i must say i am getting very annoyed at this blog! i type type type and then delte,delete,you get it. so nothing major to post. apart from a great idea. No not one of those “nada,you crazy gurl,its 2 am and you on about them all in one […]

hey all you veiled chicas! fashion flash!

so my fashion monkeys! yes i know i have been a bit absentee but i have been working like a maniac on my new collection,and guess what? this year,all of my designs will have a twin suitable for the more modest or veiled chick!! just cuz u got a scarf on don’t mean you have […]

my picks of colour loving goodness from 2012 fall fashion weeks!

Hey my little munchkins,i know theres only like 5 of you follwing me at the moment but still i love you all! anyways back to my point,which was…oh yeah! fashion week,its almost over,and i know,i know in the big scheme of things like egypts revolution and famine,and everything,WHO CARES! now as a designer i really […]