this is ridonkulouse! check out this if you are a woman! or anyone!

نائبة إخوانية تطالب بإلغاء قانون التحرش الجنسي وتلقي بالمسئولية على المرأة now i know this article is in arabic,but if you are of a foreign language,then pleaseee for the love all things feminine,translate this mother! i mean some seriouse shite has been going down in enchanted land of the pyramids,and yes i am not very […]

Watch “George Clooney and dad Nick address crowd before being handcuffed” on YouTube awsome! The man is not only hot,a mega star,serial monogomist and frugal,but now he’s getting arrested for the right reasons,unlike many other self involved celebs that get arrested for stupidity,but good old Clooney helpping the cause! I wish more celebs would use their influence Luke him.and his awsome dad!!!